M Zone – An Introduction

M Zone

… Freedom from cerebral, mental and emotional stress

M Zone is an intimate meditation zone that is personalised to the organisation and is personalised to every individual within the organisation. M Zone creates a relaxing, stress-free, happy inner environment within the employees of the organisation.

It creates a nourishing, self aware and mutually supportive work culture.

Problems at WORK – place and the understanding of the cause
  • Most leaders are not satisfied with the attitudes, performance and contributions of the employees; employees are dissatisfied with the recognition and meaning they find at work. Dissatisfaction is quite often the mutual experience.
  • As a leader you want to take your organisation to great heights like an eagle soaring in the sky but when the team is not with you the experience is like crabs in a jar pulling each other down. You feel your wings are clipped.
  • The reasons for dissatisfaction is often attributed to – no harmony between the teams; corporate politics; disengagement at work.
  • A very tiny percentage, only 13% of the employees in most organisations are known to be passionately engaged in their jobs worldwide.
  • If your employees are not passionately and peacefully engaged, how can they perform or create greatness for themselves or the organisations?
Our understanding of the cause and solution

We at M Zone, understand the cause of disharmony in corporations as cerebral, mental and emotional stress which manifests as various problems among employees, teams, and various rungs of the management.

The three forms of stress within an individual creates disruptive or distracted individuals and drives entire departments and organisations into stress. Problems keep surfacing in multiple guises as interpersonal friction, politics, lack of creativity and fatigue or indiscipline.

As long as you do not address the root of all corporate problems – STRESS, problems cannot be eliminated.

Offering greater benefits, salary hikes, promotions, vacations, ping-pong tables, etc., have proven to control the problem, but not really address the problem at its root.

M Zone aims at transforming and nourishing corporate culture through the specially designed meditations and the crisp wisdom lessons which contribute to the emergence of a peaceful and a connected individual. We bring our expertise in the field of consciousness to support you through the M Zone.


Our meditations and teachings have not only transformed corporate leaders, but also have revolutionized the culture of entire organisations. Consistently practising these meditations has shown greater levels of employee happiness and therefore greater engagement at work, resulting in increased productivity and profit of the company; therefore, both the employee and the employer are satisfied.

The M Zone meditations are a powerful & unique combination of ancient traditions and modern understanding of brain-consciousness correlation. These meditations are created by Preethaji, co-founder of OWA and O&O Academy.

OWA has helped me realise that life doesn’t change just by changing one’s stories. One needs to figure out what is really the truth behind the issues of our life in order to address them.

Ariel Emanuel, Co-CEO of WME-IMG, Owner of Ultimate Fighting Championship